Steel Wire Scrubbers

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Tired of struggling with tough stains on your dishes and delicate furniture? Introducing our Washing of Steel Waters! Made with soft yet durable steel wire and ultra-fine fiber material, it effortlessly cleans without damaging surfaces. With the cleaning power of a wire ball and the flexibility of a sponge, it tackles even the strongest stains without harming paint or fabric.

Just a dab of detergent creates rich foam for effective cleaning on any surface. Plus, it's hair loss-free, making it perfect for daily clothes cleaning too!

📐 Specification:

  • Product Name: Washing of Steel Waters
  • Material: Ultra-fine fiber, PVA
  • Size: 20*20cm
  • Style: Double-sided silver silk plus model, Double-sided silver silk hollow model
  • Applicable Scenarios: Kitchen, Bathroom, Wardrobe, Living Room, and more!

Make cleaning a breeze and add a touch of fun to your daily chores with our Washing of Steel Waters! #CleanUpWithEase

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