Smokeless Ashtray

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Meet the Smokeless Ashtray, your partner in maintaining a clean, smoke-free home or office environment. Crafted with durable ABS plastic, it's both easy to clean and resilient. This ashtray goes above and beyond with its built-in air purifier, releasing negative ions and fresh air to combat smoke odors effectively. Designed for quiet operation, it's an ideal addition to any setting. Simple to use and maintain, this compact and lightweight ashtray comes in a variety of colors to match your décor. With this innovative solution, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air while keeping your space free from smoke odors.


Noise level: Less than 36dB

Power type: Battery operated

Energy efficiency level: Level 1 energy efficiency

Packing Includes: * 1 Host * 1 Instruction * 1 Aromatherapy Tablets 

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