Rotating Faucet Extender

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Looking for an easy way to save water and energy in your kitchen? Check out our new Rotation Faucet Extender! This handy device screws onto the threaded tip of your faucet and allows you to rotate the sprayer head a full 360 degrees. That means water can easily cover the entire sink, making cleanup a breeze. And because it's designed to increase water pressure, you'll enjoy a softer, more powerful stream that makes washing dishes easier than ever. Best of all, our Rotation Faucet Extender is compatible with most standard kitchen faucets, so installation is quick and easy. Give it a try today and see how much you can save!



Name: Rotation Faucet Extender Material: ABS

Product color: silver

Product interface size:

Inner diameter: 22mm

Outer diameter: 24mm

Package Contents: 1pcs x Faucet Extender

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