Painless Hair Removal Laser Kit

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The Painless Hair Removal Laser Kit is the perfect solution for anyone in search of an effective, professional-quality hair removal experience. This ergonomic device features a painless Epilator USB Rechargeable trimmer head that easily glides across your skin to remove longer hair and leave behind perfectly smooth skin. With three different heads specifically made to remove even stubble or short hairs, you can customize your experience and ensure you get a complete and safe removal every time. Our kit is rechargeable, so you don’t need to worry about manually replacing batteries; just plug it in and go! The laser touch delivery system ensures a pain-free and quiet experience that facilitates perfect results with every use. With its advanced battery technology our Painless Hair Removal Laser Kit is the perfect way to rid yourself of unwanted body hair with ease, comfort and speed!

Package Contains:

* Hair Touch Shaver x 1 PC; * Trimmer Head x 1 PC; *Microfoil Head x 1 PC; * Adaptor with US, EU, UK, JR, KR or AU Plug x 1 PC; * Clean Brush x 1 PC; * USB Cable x 1PC; * User Manual Cx 1 PC;

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