Hellraiser Puzzle Box

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Take your horror experience to the next level with this finely crafted Hellraiser Moveable Puzzle Box, made from 1:1 film series prop and figurine quality materials. Inspired by the cult classic horror movie, the box will drive fear into anyone who lays eyes on it. Upon inspection, the intricate detail dedicated to making this replica appears thoughtful and intense. The pinhead prop features multi-level complexities including movable mechanism designed with more than 20 movable gold-plated parts that mimic a true puzzle of deathly proportions. This is one item you won't regret adding to your collection! An ideal addition to any living room or bedroom séance, the Moveable Puzzle Box encourages eagerness for a long lasting and brilliant glimpse into Hellraiser tradition. Are you brave enough? Get your own unique edition today!

Product Description:

Commodity material: Plastic PVC

Package Includes:1x 1:1 Hellraiser Puzzle Box

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