Fluorescent RPG Dice Set

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Our Fluorescent RPG Dice Set is the ultimate way to play and level up your roleplay games! This top-of-the-line dice set provides a drastically enhanced gaming experience due to its glow in the dark ability. Its fluorescent beads, charged with light, will illuminate greenish after exposure to a source of light! Perfect for roleplay nights in the dark, this dice set makes playing your favorite game even easier and more fun than ever before. Plus, with our Worldforger brand, you know that you are getting an incredibly durable product that is sure to last you through countless gaming sessions without fail. With features like our illuminated beads that last up to 10 hours after each charge and maintain exceptional quality on each roll — this dice set is perfect for all of your gaming needs! Trust Worldforger for all your gaming needs — Make your next game night legendary with our Fluorescent RPG Dice Set today!

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