Diamond Lamp

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Introducing the Romantic Diamond Lamp, the perfect addition to create a magical and enchanting atmosphere in any room. With its exquisite design and innovative features, this lamp is sure to captivate your senses and transport you to a world of romance and elegance. Featuring a mesmerizing three-color light and the option of 16 vibrant colors, the Romantic Diamond Lamp allows you to customize the lighting according to your mood and preferences. Choose between warm light, warm white light, and white light, or indulge in a spectrum of colors including yellow, blue, and red. With the flexibility to adjust the brightness intensity, this lamp effortlessly transitions from a soothing atmosphere light to a functional lighting option for any occasion.


Size: S: 13*7*cm; L: 7.5 x 15.5cm; XL: 21*9cm.

Voltage: Less than or equal to 36V

Power: 1.5 W

Packing List:3 Color:1*Table Lamp 1* USB Cable (Without Remote ControlOR16Colors:1*Table Lamp 1* USB Cable 1*Remote Control

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