Crystal Table Lamp

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The Crystal Rechargeable Table Lamp is a modern and stylish lighting fixture with the following features:

Design: It features a beautiful and charming design that resembles a golden fountain when turned on. The lamp provides an elegant and decorative lighting option suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings.

Material: The lampshade is made of optical acrylic material, which emits soft, stable, and high-brightness warm yellow light. This type of lighting can help relieve eye fatigue. The metal surface of the lamp is polished to enhance its overall beauty.

Power Source: The lamp is powered by AG13 button batteries. The use of these batteries allows for a cordless and portable design, making it easy to place the lamp in various locations.

Size: The lamp has dimensions of 12 x 6 cm, making it a compact and decorative addition to your living space.

Touch Dimmable: It is likely that this lamp has touch dimming functionality, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your preference with a simple touch.

This Crystal Rechargeable Table Lamp is designed to provide an elegant and decorative lighting solution for different settings, adding a touch of charm and style to your space.

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