Skull Ice Tray

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Transform any drink into an intriguing beverage with the Skull Ice Tray. Perfect for entertaining guests, adding a special touch to a homemade gift, or brightening up your daily routine. This unique ice tray is crafted from high-quality plastic to ensure a seamless and durable design that produces quality results every time. The versatile nature of the tray means you can even use it for creating chocolate treats!


The Skull Ice Tray helps add an extra touch of style and sophistication to any drink. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, enjoying cocktails at home, or simply indulging in an iced beverage on a hot day - create delightful skull ice cubes that have an especially alluring effect when contrasted with traditional cubes.


Elevate your drinks without compromising on convenience with the practical and stylish Skull Ice Tray – perfect for everyday enjoyment as well as special occasions.


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