Ripple Motion Crystal Lamp

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Introducing our Water Ripple Dynamic Rotating Night Light featuring a unique structure that creates dynamic water ripple effects, casting a serene flow of light on bedroom and living room walls, enhancing the ambiance for a restful sleep. With the convenience of a USB charging cable, portability is seamless, and the remote control allows effortless adjustments to color and brightness. Offering 16 color temperature options, this table lamp provides an intimate and versatile lighting experience, cultivating a delicate, comfortable, and natural atmosphere. The captivating water ripple effect, driven by a rotating internal light plate, radiates bright and colorful reflections through the crystal lamp, exuding an elegant charm. An ideal gift for those who appreciate illuminating their spaces, it's a thoughtful and sophisticated choice for occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or birthdays, sure to bring joy to your loved ones.






Material: Acrylic crystal + Wood

Power Supply: 5V/1A

Power Mode: Plug-in

Brightness Adjustment: Fully Supported

Optional Version: 16 Colors Version

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